Exclusive call back appointments don't have to cost $300 each. Decrease your prospecting budget and increase your profits.


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"I got the first batch of leads on the spreadsheet- Called the first one and here was the result.  Very good prospect, Sam T., in Columbus. I believe this will end up in an appointment. See dialog below- he requested some info to check me out before he agreed to meet. Had a great conversation, he has $1.1 Million saved for retirement plus his wife has $500k. Is most interested in his wife’s money to start with. Stay tuned-

-Steve T., Columbus OH.

P.S. What I like best about this is being able to hear the call. Your Operators do a great job and I'm able to just continue the conversation with the prospect when I contact them."

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Who Are These Prospects?
These prospects are 55 - 75, $50K - $250K income, and have spoken with one of our highly-trained U.S. based operators, and have answered qualifying questions to ensure they are a good prospect.

We mention your name twice and the fact that you are a retirement planning expert in their area. We also explain how an indexed annuity can increase their rate of return while keeping their money safe. We even ask if they have at least $50,000 in investable assets. We then get a commitment from them for you to give them a call to discuss these retirement programs with them (listen to the sample call below).

Considering you'll make 5X your investment with just one sale, our targeted annuity prospect system is a no brainer. 

Forget door knocking
Don't bother with direct mail
No need to pay thousands to host a seminar

Click Below to Hear a Sample Call!

With our targeted annuity prospecting system, 
here's what you'll get:
  • ​Qualified prospects expecting to hear from you with information about annuities.
  • ​A real time spreadsheet that shows each new lead in "real time" when we receive it (See Image).
  • ​A recording of each call

Finally an Affordable Annuity Lead that Works

Hi I’m Charles Glassey. I’m the CMO of Live Prospect Leads. 

Unlike most lead vendors I have actually been a successful Insurance agent. I worked in the senior market, marketing Medicare supplements, long term care, life, and annuity. 

I actually started as an appointment setter before I got my insurance license and was a top producer in the office. I don’t think I was the top producer because I was the best presenter. I think I was able to get more appointments because of my phone skills in converting leads to appointments. I use to be able to set appointments for 5 agents. I watched these agents sales soar because they simply did more presentations per week. I later was hired to a national call center managing insurance tele sales reps. There are varying skill levels in tele sales reps just like there are varying levels of insurance agents and financial services advisors. 

My point is, if you combine a skilled tele sales rep with a skilled annuity agent or financial services rep you have pure dynamite. But that’s just half the solution. 

Consistently running your call back appointment system like any business owner would run his advertising is the key. 

I have seen annuity agents spend $6,000 to $10,000 on a seminar one month just to get a couple sales to barely cover the seminar or worse yet no sales. Then there is no budget left and it’s back to talking to family and friends the rest of the year. 

On a lesser scale the same goes for mail leads. Generally considered the gold standard of leads. It’s sort of a confidence boost for an agent that the prospect signed the lead. Shows strong intent right? Sure it does except that was the prospects interest level weeks ago and in the senior market the memory fails and when you contact them they say what? I never requested anything. With all the craziness in the world happening daily you can hardly blame them from forgetting something they did 3 weeks ago. Then there is the diminishing returns on direct mail. It’s hard to budget your costs when you don’t know what your per lead costs will be. And then there is the consistency problem again. If you're waiting to see how your first mailer sales go before ordering another mailer there is 21 days of back to family and friends before ordering your next mailing. 

I might as well touch upon internet leads. They are completely dominated by the huge advertisers like Fisher investments and the wire houses. The other thing about internet leads is when you attempt to call them back suddenly they are in witness protection. I think they are expecting some free info sent to them. Because of the rising cost of fierce competition and rising costs of internet advertising costs the national lead companies are forced to sell agents the dreaded resold lead. Anyone that has tried these leads including myself will tell you these are the worst. I would get a lead in my inbox and call immediately only to be told that 8 agents had already called. Not in a friendly way either I might add. I never could figure this out. As I researched the lead market more I found out how that could be. The lead companies were selling the lead to call centers first and I was getting a delayed version after that. That is so unethical. 

That’s why we never resell your call back appointment. 

Yes it costs more per appointment but the difference in results is night and day

Before I get into how our leads work, let me establish a good definition of what a lead is and isn’t. This definition from investipedia is pretty good.

What Is a Sales Lead?
A sales lead is a person or business who may eventually become a client. Sales lead also refers to the data that identifies an entity as a potential buyer of a product or service. Businesses gain access to sales leads through advertising, trade shows, direct mailings, third parties, and other marketing efforts. A sales lead is not really a sales "prospect" per se because a business would need to examine and qualify the potential new client further to determine their intent and interest. Experienced agents know this but newer agents sometimes think it means someone ready to buy. 

Every lead I ever worked was seldom ready to buy. They needed to know more. If all sales consisted of was taking an order then it wouldn’t pay the attractive commissions it does. So a lead is a person that one way or another has expressed an interest in your product or service. 

Sometimes it’s a little ember of interest that you need to use your sales skills to turn into a raging fire; other times it’s a raging fire that you need to make sure you don’t throw water on. That’s the X factor if you will; Your skill. There are a whole lot of factors that go into getting an annuity sale. That’s why it’s a numbers game. 

The annuity call back appointment I designed takes a lot of the pitfalls out of the lead generation itself as you’ll see but we cannot fully control the skill level of the agent. We help with some of the skills you may need but we are not an IMO so we can’t provide the training an IMO MIGHT Provide. So our leads are more for experienced annuity agents or financial services reps. I often get asked how many call back appointments will I sell? To answer that question I would have to spend time with you. If you have experience then you will get sales with our leads. If you are already an experienced agent with strong sales skills then we can put in your hands some good tools to help you with the transition. 

Who isn’t a good match for this annuity call back appointment and selling system? Someone struggling selling Medicare advantage or final expense. this will be too big a leap for that individual. It’s possible over time but it will be a longer learning curve. 

Now to the good news. I created this workable call back appointment program (it’s workable but not perfect. There is no perfect lead) as a lead I would want to run if I was still an agent. I combined my 4 years as an agent with my call center experience and 12 years with a national recruitment advertising publisher as well as 8 years owning an ad agency. 

On top of that My MBA is a financial planning concentration. Our lead division is a result of agencies and insurance carriers always asking about if we have leads for their agents. I looked around and didn’t find the type of lead that would provide my IMO and carrier clients’ agents with the greatest chance of success, so I just designed a call back appointment that had the key elements to help an agent get the sale. The first element I wanted was speed. I didn’t want a rep waiting weeks for a seminar or mailer to come in. I wanted the lead to be brand new. This is best done by phone with a highly skilled tele sales rep acting as your assistant making initial contact. Now, internet leads can be fast too but they have never been spoken to and they expect to be contacted online. Your tele-rep(assistant) has years of experience calling from a targeted list and doing a pre-approach call. This is important for a number of reasons. 

You will have the call back appointments the day after it’s made. 

No way they won’t remember speaking to your (assistant) about you giving them a call about indexed products and how they are used for a sound retirement plan. Your assistant can set up the call back from you and you can be meeting with them the next day. We provide you with a recording of each call so you get a chance to hear your prospect before you contact them. This is a major advantage over stale dated leads. 

I almost forgot to mention, these are US based reps that the prospect can understand and are not pushy at all like foreign-created leads. We only allow one rebuttal on the call. I’m sure you want to know what we are saying to create your call back lead. I call them call back Leads because not only are we seeing if they are interested but also okay with you giving them a call back. You can listen to a sample call by clicking on the sample call button on this page. 

Your assistant will introduce you by name a couple times as a local retirement expert. Then we define briefly what you do; you work in indexed retirement products. The tele rep goes on to explain these are plans that allow a person to participate in the gain of the market when it is performing well and protect them when the market is not performing well. We ask them if that is something they would like to hear more about. If they agree, we mention you by name and say you will be contacting them in 48 hours. This is why this lead is so effective. Not a lot of time will pass between when the prospect expressed interest and when you contact them. The list we use is age 55 to 75 and $50,000 to $250,000 in net income. We will ask the ages of both spouses if married. We will ask if they have at least $50,000 in investable assets. The Prospect will be asked if the number we are calling them on is the best call back number and what time of day is best for you to call. You may be starting to think, hey these leads could work. Yes they actually do work! We have national IMOs offering these leads to their agents. We have independent agents buying again and again. These are affordable call back appointments and the people answer the call when you call.

I would like to speak to you all personally but there are just not enough hours in the day. So I set up this online order page to save me time and save you money. So if you order you annuity call back appointments here you will be able to purchase 10 call back appointments as low as $89.95 each. Sure beats buying dinner for seminar attendees at $10,000 doesn’t it? And no waiting for the mailers to go out.

As long as you're purchasing call back appointments monthly, these are your reserved territories. Your call back appointments will begin arriving within 15 days of payment.

These indexed call back appointments are fast, affordable, and get sales. 

Good Selling!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are they resold?

No! These are exclusive and the areas are protected. This means that the leads are generated for only one agent in his/her chosen area, so long as that area is not already chosen for another agent at the time of purchase. 

What are the demographics of the Prospect?

Age 55-75
$50,000-$250,000 income 
50,000 in investable assets

How soon do I get my leads?

Your campaign will begin within 15 days. We reserve the right to take up to 45 days to complete your order.

How do I receive my leads?

You'll be given a link to a Google spreadsheet. On this sheet will be all your leads. They will be added in real time, as they come in.

Any guarantees?

Yes! We guarantee that you'll receive all the leads you have ordered. We also guarantee that the contact information will be correct for each lead.
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