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Baltimore Life’s Conference
Conrad Dublin Hotel, Dublin 2, Ireland
Sunday July 12 - Thursday July 16, 2020!
Qualification Period
The qualification period is for business submitted, issued, and paid between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.
Producer Premium Qualifications
Meet the following requirements and you and a guest will
enjoy round-trip coach airfare, resort accommodations, and
all planned company functions!

• $75,000 of net conference credits during the qualification period

Values are assigned and applicable limitations are listed for each product below.

Annualized premium will be credited only to the primary writing agent and counted by product line as follows:

• Continuous Pay Products: 100% credit for life pay and limited payment periods
• Single Premium Whole Life and Generation Legacy®: 10% of paid premium
• Annuity Products: 5% of annual premium
Eligible Participants
Each qualifier must be contracted and appointed with The Baltimore Life Insurance Company on the date of departure, in good financial standing, and within pricing persistency in the Company. 
For example:

• Final expense first year persistency is 73%; second year is 63.5%.

• Baltimore Life makes the final decision on who may qualify.

• Attendance is by Baltimore Life Invitation only.
Ineligible Cases
Cases that are declined, withdrawn, not taken, surrendered, or lapsed during the qualification period, and within two
months after the qualification period will not be counted toward qualification.

Family Business: Applications written on the life of the producer or other members of the immediate family
(spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, children, and their spouses) will qualify only if paid on an annual mode, and not
exceed 10% of the qualification requirements.
Travel Arrangements
Baltimore Life will make all necessary travel arrangements, including travel arrangements to and from the gateway city nearest your home. Any travel expenses to and from the qualifier’s point of origin (e.g. to and from the airport), and any layovers at the departure point – either going or returning – are at the qualifier’s expense.
The value of the trip will be reported as income on Form W-2 as required by the Internal Revenue Service.
The activities planned for the conference are only for the qualifier and a spouse or a guest. In order to attend the conference, the spouse or guest must be 21 years or older on or before April 1, 2020, not an employee of The Baltimore Life Companies, and accompany the qualifier. Children cannot attend. Qualifi cations are subject to change. All decisions concerning qualifi er production credits, the trip and eligibility are at the sole discretion of Baltimore Life. Baltimore Life reserves the right to change either the site or the dates of the trip without prior notice.
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