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25 Leads: This is a one-time order of 25 FE leads at $17 each. You will be charged $425 for this order.

100k FE Membership: This is for 100 FE leads delivered each month, priced at just $14 each. You will be charged $1400 each month for reoccurring delivery until you cancel.  
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  • Qualified Prospects expecting to hear from you with information about Final Expense Insurance
  •  Spreadsheet with all lead information
  •  Guaranteed accurate information about each prospect.
  •  Leads delivered within 10 days of being ordered. When signed up for the 100K FE Membership, you'll receive 25 leads every week during your active membership. 

"I sold my first appointment I set. The Second lead is deliberating (along with her daughter) about whether to do a single-pay or a monthly pay plan. I will get her decision tomorrow. I wrote two more apps today, and I have another I would have written, but the lady called me needing to reschedule due to a family emergency. I have more than doubled my investment and I still have 12 more yet to contact from my first lead order of 25 leads. Thanks Charles."

- John G.  |  Columbus, OH

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The information we provide you about each lead will be correct or we'll replace that lead, guaranteed.

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